From cracking your phone codes to reading what's on your mind, India‘s very own Narpath, aka your next-door-mind-reader, is an all-round entertainer.


A mentalist is a psychological entertainer, who creates an illusion that he/she can read minds, but makes it look so real,” he explains. Mentalism is all about the mind. “A magician does tricks. A mentalist/psychological entertainer incorporates a percentage of trickery into his act, along with psychology, body-language reading, comedy, presentation, and a story — all this forms mentalism,” he points out.

Not a magician

He can read your mind and put you in a fix of how he did, what and when for days! From making you to forget your ex’s name and guessing what you are thinking, Narpath is certainly your next-door mind reader. 

Raman, acknowledged as one of the country’s pure mentalists, clarified that mentalism is not the same as stage magic. “We’re psychological entertainers who make people believe that we are capable of reading minds” 

The city youth who stunned Dhoni into revealing his first crush

Narpath Raman stumped Mahendra Singh Dhoni

NARPATH Why hire a mind-reader ?

Capture the attention of guests at your next event or meeting with an innovative,jaw dropping and hilarious performance from Narpath 

His unique show combines psychology,people-reading and astounding feats of memory in to what Microsoft call one of the best live acts ever.

Guests cant help but boast  about Narpath’s performances as thought-of celebrities and places are plucked from their minds and you’ll  see everyone on their feet as he memorises an entire deck of cards and recalls them at a rip-roaring rate! The only way to appreciate  the impact this man is having on events is to experience  him.

Do you have a corporate event? Looking for something unique to engage your audience? Book India's most unique corporate mentalist!

Look no further!

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As mind boggling as it may sound, he sure does know what you are up to even before you execute it

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How on earth do you know my childhood friends’ name? How Narpath? Seriously!

Hewlett Packard

Handling a large crowd is an art on its own. Narpath can do it so elegantly


Who knew Mentalism could be so interactive. Narpath is a true example!


Don’t tell my wife you figured out my first crush’s name. You’re great Narpath!

Standard Chartered

Narpath was not just mysterious and witty but also kept the audience highly engaged




Who knew Mentalism could be so interactive.


Nice to see Narpath Handle such a Large Crowd.


Great to Have an India's Leading Corporate Mentalist Blow Our Mind.


Narpath was not just witty and humorous but also kept the audience highly engaged.

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