Narpath got into the art of mind reading at the lowest point of his life. Being just another average student all throughout his school and college, he never thought of himself being capable of standing in front of a room, say, 100+ audiences and entertaining them. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

It was in the year 2013, he decided he had to quit his regular job as a Management consultant to dedicatedly follow his passion and give it all his best to master the art of mind reading.

The year 2014, got him all the attention and limelight he much deserved when he performed his most unique stand-up mentalism show “Brain Brewery”. This left the audience baffled, least to say when they witnessed him pulling off unbelievable psychic stunts at ease. What sets him apart is not only his mind-boggling skills but the way he incorporates humour in it. This gives an audience the best of both worlds- laughter and astonishment.

Today, Narpath, India's leading Mentalist/Mind Reader is entertaining many prestigious clients and appeared on numerous stage shows, bamboozling some of India's top celebrities through his Psychological illusion.

Mentalist Narpath -TV Appearance

RJ literally screams in a mind reading experiment|Mentalist Narpath