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Narpath got into the art of mind-reading at the lowest point of his life. He grew up as a fat, under-confident and an insecure boy until the age of 23. Today, he is 29 and have had the privilege to see himself grow into one of India’s leading mentalists. As a massive fan and practitioner of the law of attraction, He closed his eyes, making a wish to become a Mentalist in a country obsessed with professional stability. He started out as a street performer. To be specific- a street Mentalist. He was a management consultant in the day and a street mentalist in the evening. Being just another average student all throughout his school and college, he never thought of himself being capable of standing in front of a room, say, 100+ audiences and entertaining them. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

Today, Narpath leaves thousands and thousands of his audiences baffled day in and day out. What sets him apart is not only his mind-boggling mentalism skills, but the way he incorporates humor, spirituality and life values in it. This gives an audience the best of both worlds- Information and Entertainment.

God’s Child 101

Narpath is spiritual by practice and nature. And he likes pushing boundaries, so is the content he wants to create, keeping himself true to his nature. At the same time, he understands the commercial, business, and entertainment aspects of the content industry.
Narpath’s show- God’s Child 101 is a combination of Spirituality, education, Personal development, compassion, Mindfulness, and wisdom, with no compromise on top-notch entertainment. Just that his tool of delivery is “Mind Reading/Psychological entertainment”.
From the knowledge he has gained, personal life experiences, and the mentors he has, He is creating a show that really moves people. A show that isn’t just a binge-watch! A show that makes people cry, laugh, question, change, and wonder. In other words, it’s not just another mind-reading show!
It’s a show you want to come back to watching multiple times during situations of doubt, anger, frustration, deprivation, etc.


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``Narpath stumped Dhoni into revealing his first crush``