What if you were told that, there is someone who could unravel your Secret Box??

Playing tricks with your mind

A mentalist is a psychological entertainer, who creates an illusion that he/she can read minds, but makes it look so real,” he explains. Mentalism is all about the mind. “A magician does tricks. A  mentalist/psychological entertainer incorporates a percentage of trickery into his act, along with psychology, body-language reading, comedy, presentation, and a story — all this forms mentalism”.


Narpath is a regular face in newspapers, radio channels, television and You tube viral videos.
Check out a few of the videos down below.

How to forget your ex boyfriend?

Vj Ramya can read mind

Mind Reading with RJ Ramya Subramanian

Trailer - Corporate audiences mind blown

Quick snippets of Narpath's Corporate show

Mind Reading isn't scary - Comedy bits


Narpath Raman performing

@ Intel Technologies on a Family day for 2000 audience