God’s Child Live Tour


There’s enough negativity about life both online and offline!
When was the last time you heard someone say, “Hey, I am just one out of 8 billion people on earth!”
Narpath would like to view this as a negative understanding of human life. Justify?
There are around 100 billion galaxies in the universe. And around billions of planets overall. Only one of them….. Just one of them is the Milky Way galaxy and our planet earth!!
And only on earth, there are around 10 million different kinds of species. Out of that, us, humans are just one kind. We’re only 8 Billion of us out of the myriad species. Let alone the possibility of aliens! 😀
The argument is- If you are a living human being, given the mathematics, you’re chosen by god. In that case, I am a god’s child! So are you!!
Although sounds like simple mathematics, I’d humbly urge you to see the depth in the core idea.
This shift of mind from thinking I am just another human being to thinking I am given birth not just to live and die has been an enormous revelation for Narpath, personally. So what really happens when you think/believe/assume you’re a God’s child? Your whole perception to life shifts. You respect your own existence better, you respect and value others, you are more self-aware, your life values enhance, etc. and it can only get better.
This led Narpath to create an entire YouTube season- “God’s child 101”. Most online have known him as a Mentalist. People in his real life have known him as Narpath. Combining Mentalist Narpath and human Narpath, he wants to explore and positively expand our existence in the universe. Join Narpath?
God’s Child 101 is a combination of Spirituality, education, Personal development, compassion, Mindfulness, and wisdom, with no compromise on top-notch entertainment. Just that Narpath’s tool of delivery is “Mind Reading/Psychological entertainment”.
From the knowledge, he has gained, personal life experiences, and the mentors he has, Narpath is creating a show that really moves people. A show that isn’t just a binge-watch! A show that makes people cry, laugh, question, change, and wonder. In other words, It’s not just another mind-reading show!
It’s a show you want to come back to watching multiple times during situations of doubt, anger, frustration, deprivation, etc.
India is one of the most depressed countries in the world. This is our project to facilitate some “HOPE” into our people. Cheers 

Client : The entire universe
Date : Timeless
Genre of event :  Live act