Ted Talk(Women Empowerment)

Ted talk BITS

We think our thoughts are the most private things we have; surely no one can read our minds. Right? Some say yes! Narpath who goes by the stage name “The Next Door Mind Reader” is a mentalist, a man with the ability to read minds!
He started out as a management consultant but found his way into the life of showbiz and never took a look back. He has performed on numerous stages and has even played such mind games with greats like MS Dhoni. His performances have a mixture of both comedy and mentalism which guarantees an entertaining watch! In this talk he delivers a deeply personal story that has the power to resonate with us all.
He is truly a pioneer in this field in India and with his increasing popularity he can only go higher!

Client : TEDxBITSathy
Date : April 26, 2019
Genre of event : Tedx Speaker