Thanks to Indian television and media! Why? It’s not quite a rare scene in western countries to host a mentalist on their TV shows. But India is getting on that map as well, proudly. Narpath has been featured on both regional and national television episodes both a guest and as a protagonist to an entire documentary that revolves around him. Again, gratitude to Indian media J

Tamil Documentary: An entire documentary based on Narpath and his mind-boggling skills!

Client : Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Channel
Date : January 1, 2019
Genre of event :  TV guest appearance

India Ahead: Narpath was invited to national television- India Ahead studios as a guest in Hyderabad. Among the various psychic stunts, he got to demonstrate, dabbling with the enormous power of social media. Yes, he performed his cherished mentalism stunt, demonstrating his psychic ability to predict a random outcome on Instagram a day before the shoot.

Client : India Ahead national news channel
Date : January 16, 2019
Genre of event : TV guest appearance

Kannada Channel:
Mentalism is an art form that works best in English. Narpath was invited to be a guest in a Kannada channel. He’s not a native kannada speaker. He likes challenges. He likes pushing boundaries. So, yes, he quite nailed it!

Client : Suvarna News TV channel
Date : 25th December, 2017
Genre of event : TV guest appearance

Radio name reveal:
We’re nothing but emotional beings. Built by emotion and driven by emotion. Narpath is a master at tapping into human emotions and touching you positively. You’re in safe hands… Trust us!

Client : Big FM
Date : March 7, 2017
Genre of event : Radio guest appearance